Friday, 6 January 2012

Table tennis

It's pretty cold in our farmhouse, as the wind whips sleet and hail against our windows. Not that I'm complaining. I can do layers, keep the hot plates open on the Aga, rig up a rug across the open doorway into the sitting room. Then there's the central heating. We've finally accepted that we cannot live on Aga and fire alone and have decided to TURN IT ON.

But there are still times when the chill sets in. Like this morning. The kids are at school and playgroup and Malcolm and I are working from home at the kitchen table. A couple of coffees later and our thick fleeces are struggling to keep out the cold.

Thank goodness the kids were given a junior ping-pong table for Christmas. It fits nicely in our sitting room. A couple of stonker rallies later and we're ready for another hour's work.

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  1. Hello! Happy New Year! Was on Allen Rd today (popped into the lil shop will kids at gym) - and thought of you.

    Oh I hate working in the cold. I resort to a scarf and gloves sometimes, and occasionally a run up and down the stairs! Love the idea of ping pong though. Jx