Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Jog in the fog

I'm beginning to get jogging, at least in this area.

We're surrounded by natural beauty and inclement weather.
Walking the moors has less appeal when it's cold, grey, drizzly and extremely boggy. Jogging along roads and farm tracks has the following advantages:
- it warms you up
- you don't need to put on five layers
- you're back home by the fire more quickly (and before it goes out)
- you feel entitled to that honey waffle with your mug of tea.

Of course there are also hurdles to overcome, namely:
- leaving the warmth of home in the first place
- braving the yard with the territorial sheepdogs
- feeling physically unfit and panting lots 
- getting past the hissing geese
- puddle hopping and mud skirting
- trying not to mind what passing drivers think.

I guess it's a case of matter over mind. Don't think, just do, breathe deeply, count the sheep and feel smug in the shower afterwards.

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