Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Halfterm, part one

We've got two sets of friends coming to stay from London over halfterm - yippee! A chance to share our random rural location in all its glory.

The sun shines on our first visitors. We baffle the sheep with pirate games on the hillside. The kids make fairy decorations that they hang on branches of the Christmas Tree Forest. It's Joe's turn to strip off and swim in the magic waterfall. At the Fallen Tree Cafe the children treat us to Roasted Grass Salad followed by Red Berries with Sheep's Wool Ice Cream. And at Bolton Abbey we happen upon a pumpkin trail, picnic on the flat rocks of the Strid, then finish off with pancakes at the Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Farm.

In the evenings we're all exhausted and go to bed early; and in the mornings, joy of joys, the kids choose Jim's bed to jump on not ours.

On Jim and Klara's final day, which happens to be my birthday, we treat ourselves to the unknown: The Children's Variety Show in Colne Municipal Theatre. The flyer promises puppets, a clown, ballet, magic tricks and singing. It's not wrong, but somehow the comedy acts appear tragic and the ever so sincere excerpt from Swan Lake has us almost rolling in the aisles. When the heroine laments that we are all stuck in the Abyss we have deep sympathy. Fortunately, the Wicked Witch is finally foiled by the moonstone, the superinjunction is lifted on the hero who can at last reveal that he is Ryan Giggs, and happiness is restored to Mysteria. All this before noon. It definitely calls for a stiff Fish and Chips with a brew (which sadly means tea in these parts).

We wish fond farewells to our friends at the station and wonder what our next guests have in store...

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