Friday, 23 September 2011

The Move

3.5 ton truck or 7.5 ton? Risk not fitting all our stuff in or risk not getting the truck up the windy, pot-holed, narrow, steep track?

We chose Lancastrian removal men. They would know the lie of the land and not shirk at a few hills. We hadn't accounted for Ramadan and fasting in daylight hours. Luckily after travelling over 48 miles they were allowed to break their fast. Sadly they couldn't break the 56mph speed limit.

We arrived at 9.15pm, they arrived at 11pm. I sent Malcolm, fuelled with champagne, to guide them up the lane. Then I stood at the bottom of the garden, by the sheep field, praying that they'd make it round the tight bend. Eventually I saw headlights. There was an anxious moment when they came to a standstill but I later discovered the truck had met an obstinate sheep.

By 2am, whilst the kids slumbered on, we were unpacked.

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